We understand here at the Reep Group that every car is different, so no option can be the same for every car. We treat every car the same and also imagine it as our own pride and joy.
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Here at Reep Detailing we provide many different services under the automotive category. Some call us a one stop shop for automotive needs, as almost anything you require we can deliver due to our tens of years in the industry providing the best service possible.

Our heart of the business is detailing services. Protecting your investment is the best thing you could do, if it is a new car then we have the different protection packages on offer and the advice to help you choose which. From a Swissvax wax protection which lasts 6-8 months right up to a Gtechniq Ceramic Coating which comes with a 7 year guarantee. Protecting new vehicles is not all we do, most if not all used vehicles will have swirl marks and the odd scratch or defect here and there so our job is to remove these marks and swirls to make your paint on your vehicle better than how it left the factory. Our different options of protection is then up to you which you choose to have applied to your vehicle.

A new aspect of Reep Detailing is Self Healing Paint Protection Film. This is becoming an ever popular service as more and more people are becoming aware of the advantages. This service is very popular with new cars and supercars, but there is nothing stopping regular cars if it is your pride and joy and you want to be able to use it every day without it getting stone chipped or scratched. Extremely clever technology has been created where each car has its own pattern in our pattern library. For example, a Volkswagen Golf will have every panel in our pattern library which will enable us to pre cut the Paint Protection Film (PPF) to fit the specific panel precisely. No cutting is done on the car, it is all pre cut on our laser cutting machine and then applied with a special liquid solution to the car. Once installed correctly, the film is invisible and it protects the paint underneath the film from stone chips and scratches. In sunlight, the film self heals under slight heat removing scratches and swirls so it always stays perfect. To read more about this or enquire for a quote check our Paint Protection Film page out here.

Additional services is something we offer after years and years of testing the market and choosing the best in the business that we would trust with our own vehicle. These options include alloy wheel refurbishing, window tinting, paintless dent removal, bodyshop work, vinyl wrapping, re mapping, exhaust work, audio installation and interior re trimming and colouring, fabric hood protection and re colouring and underbody waxoyling.

Please read more in the different sections below and clicking on them to open a new tab with further information.

You can also view our Gtechniq Online Pricing Configurator by clicking here and completing the online form.

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Rough pricing for detailing as follows:

 Option 1: Protection Detail - £250+VAT

Option 2: Enhancement Detail - £350+VAT

Option 3: Correction Detail - £600+VAT

Option 4: Full Correction Detail Bespoke Package - From £500+VAT per day


  • Posh Wash at our studio
  • New Mobile Service 6 days a week
  • Mobile Posh Wash and Valeting at your home or work
  • Regular maintainance work and wax top ups at your home or work


  • New Car Protection Detail
  • Protection Detail
  • Enhancement Detail
  • Full Correction Detail
  • Matte Paint Protection Detail

Extra Services

  • Paint Protection Film installed in house
  • Underbody Cleaning
  • Waxoyling
  • Wheel Refurbishment
  • Dent Removal
  • Paintwork/Bodyshop
  • Audio Upgrades
  • Window Tinting
  • Vehicle Re-Mapping
  • Roof Protection Coating
  • Interior Repairs and Re-Trimming
  • Leather Repaints

Passion. Protection. Perfection.

High performance car care from the Reep Group.

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